Friday, December 21, 2012

How To Configure Polycom VBP ST

Every body on video conference know that Polycom VBP ST is a Video firewall transfersal that able provide gate keeper forwarding and provide H.323 call from public area. Polycom VBP ST usually integrate with CMA Server on Video Conferencing. for more detail explanation lets checks on pictures bellow :

 And Here is the detail configuration for VBP ST :

1. Network and IP Address Configuration 

2. Gatekeeper setup and Configuration

 And dont forget to enable the H.460 Fiture with chack the dialog box on H.460.18 Support

3. Set Up Access Proxy Fiture on System, Access Proxy

On this sections you need to configure action, Name, Type, Port, and the CMA Address. For example you can see on the screen shot bellow :

Please make sure the IP Adress and port configuration is correct, when VBP ST is already configured and you can going to CMA server to add VBP ST by Network device, VBP, Add  and Set up the H.640 Configuration on Dial Plan and Sites Menus. for more information you can visit on or contact your Polycom video conference engineer : D. hope its will be helping you !

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