Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save a Backup of the Polycom CMA System Database

This process gives you an additional safeguard for your CMA system
databases. You will back up all system data in a later step and use that backup
to restore your data after installing the CMA 6.0 software.
This section describes backing up the internal databases. If your system uses
an external database, ask your database administrator to back up the external
CMA system databases according to Microsoft SQL Server Management
Studio procedures or your company’s backup procedures.

To back up the internal CMA system databases
1 Log into the CMA system.
2 Go to Admin > Troubleshooting Utilities.
3 Click Backup Databases. This creates up-to-the-minute backups of the internal databases.
4 To save each backup file to another location, go to Admin > Database Backup Files.
5 When the Database Backup Files list appears, left click on the latest
    ReadiManager_.bak file, click Save, and save the file to a location on your local system.
6 Left click on the latest Logger_.bak and select Save, and save the file to a location on      your local system.
7 Left click on the latest XMPP_.bak and select Save, and save the file to a location on   your local system.
8 Attach a USB memory drive to a port on your local system and copy the three database files to the drive.

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