Thursday, April 19, 2012

Radvison XT5000 And Polycom High Profile Integration

In March 2012 Radvision introducing their XT5000 product. And they say that XT 5000 can support SVC and High profile standart. but its make many people get confuse and make many question " how this device can run on 2 video conferencing technology?". It so simple to understand this XT 5000 new fiture. in fact this end point  is not easy to be joined by the High Profile standart. we need to configure and open port 24 on the XT 5000 Border site  to able this end point can join the High Profile technology. And we must understand that not all polycom device can connect and provide the  High Profile video call with this end point.
as i know just the HDX 9000 series can make High Profile Video Calling with this end point. you can see and download the manual book from XT 5000 from to make sure this device fiture and configuration. 

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