Monday, October 17, 2011

Scopia vc240

The SCOPIA VC240 high definition (HD) desktop video conferencing system integrates advanced video conferencing into a Samsung high resolution 24-inch LCD monitor. in other side its can be a terminal of video converencing and an intelegent monitor. ahe system delivers to users all the benefits of HD video communications at a fraction of the cost of competing hardware solutions, dramatically increasing the ROI of a video conferencing deployment. The SCOPIA VC240 can operate as a standalone desktop HD video conferencing device as well as a high resolution PC monitor. With RADVISION’s latest advanced video features including H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding), users enjoy the highest quality experience possible.

All-in-One Desktop Video Conferencing & PC Display

The 24” Samsung widescreen LCD, high definition camera, high fidelity speakers, echo cancelling microphone, along with RADVISION’s advanced video conferencing engine provide an elegant All-In-One standalone HD desktop video conferencing system and PC display.

High Quality HD Video & Data Sharing

Enjoy superior quality desktop video conferencing with full 720p, 30 fps performance with bandwidth as low as 750kbps, while supporting up to 2Mbps. Sharing PC data and presentations with other systems couldn’t be easier with the SCOPIA VC240’s integrated H.239 dual video capabilities.

As Easy to Use as a Mobile Phone

Making calls and connections is as easy to use as your mobile phone. Forget what you know about complicated user interfaces for sophisticated systems. Connecting with the SCOPIA VC240 is simple, fast and brilliantly designed. Get your last dialed calls, detailed history and phone book in an instant.

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