Friday, December 21, 2012

Real Presence Groub Series Review

Polycom has been release their new end point video conference generation call Real Presence Group Series on last October 2012.They claim this EP is the most powerful endpoint that they has been produce cause he able to run 2 standard video conference  AVC and SVC. this is my short review and opinions bout this EP :
  • Polycom RPG Series come with lower price than HDX Series.
  • RPG Series claim they can send  1080p Content and Video sharing base on H.239. So when you need a good quality for content and video sharing over video conference here is the best solutions for you from Polycom.
  • Native integration with Microsoft Lync.
  • able to provide 4 and 6 port embedded MCU with license activation.
  • Provide Smart pairing technology.
  • Best user experience and simple remote control design ( compare with HDX Series).
  • Brings eagle eye acoustic camera with a electronic motors techno.
  • Comes with HDMI connector for out put display.
  • Comes with new design and small dimension for provide best placement.  

For more detail information you can visit on or contact your polycom contact person soon. thanks for reading and visit my blog :D.

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